NAIL IT on the FIRST take!...You may not get a second one

The Recurring Player

This program is for you if you audition 1 time per week

Drop in up to 4 times per month

$195/month ($48/drop-in session)

The Series Regular

This program is for you if you audition 2+ times per week

Drop-in up to 8 times per month

$350month ($43/drop-in session)

If you’ve ever walked out of an audition after one or two takes and kicked yourself because you KNEW you could have nailed it if you’d only another shot, then this program is for you!

How it works*

Just sign up for the *monthly membership level that's right for you (Guest Star, Recurring Player or Series Regular) based on the number of auditions you have per week, and then simply choose your drop in time from our online scheduler. Drop in (in person or via Skype). Get an expert polish on your audition every time on an ongoing basis. Nail your audition. Rinse. Repeat.

Which Program Is Right For You?

The Guest Star

This program is for you if you audition 1 or 2 times per month

Drop in up to 2 times per month

$115 ($57/drop-in session)

Drop-In Audition-Prep...An Expert "Polish" Before

Your Audition with Veteran Casting Director &

Audition Expert Amy Jo Berman

In Person Location OR


Address given

upon booking

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No Frame

Drop in for an expert 20 minute polish on your audition with

renowned casting director and audition expert, Amy Jo Berman. With her 14 years of experience as Vice President of Casting at HBO and 18 years in the business of casting, Amy knows what the Casting Director is looking for. But more importantly, she knows how to get you there quickly so you can nail your audition on the first take!

"Regular" full-length single coachIng sessions also available. Click Here for details

*Members will be billed on a recurring montly basis. Membership includes a one-time start up fee of $50. Sessions do not rollover each month. There is no miminum membership period. Cancel at any time. You may pause your membership one time for up to 2 months without penalty. If you pause for longer than 2 months, you will be subject to the start-up fee when you resume your program.

No Frame