No Frame

Amy Jo Berman has been a powerful influence and tastemaker in the entertainment industry for 18 years. As Vice President of Casting at HBO for 14 years, Amy has overseen and facilitated the casting for well over 150 films, mini-series and series, and her casts have won countless Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

In addition to her eye for talent, taste and finesse in business, Amy has a unique gift for working with actors and extracting performances of which even they didn't know they were capable.

When it comes to casting, Amy believes that each project brings with it a unique set of benefits and challenges. Having 14 years experience in a studio combined with her creative vision, she has a unique perspective and an ability to view a project from sides that others might miss.

Not only does she focus on the pure creative value of connecting the right actors with the right roles, she knows how to do so in a way that will benefit all the parties involved in getting a project made.

Although every project begins with talent in the forefront and serving the creative vision of the director and producers, an experienced professional like Amy knows how to facilitate the collaborative efforts of all the parties involved in order to get a project green lit, produced, nominated and, of course, celebrated.